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compound was expecting u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s to arrive by helicopter. one image from that night has come to symbolize the mission. the photograph taken at the height of the raid by veteran white house photographer pete souza. there it is. there you are. >> here i am sitting right here. >> that's an intense look on your face, and everyone is intently watching that screen. >> this is -- if i'm not mistaken, pete, this picture was taken right as atthe helicopter was having problems. that's what it feels like, because i remember hillary putting his hand over her mouth at that point. >> when you look at it, what does it conjure up inside you? >> that's the way i usual look when my husband drags me to an action movie. it was just an extraordinary experience and aa great privilege to be part of. >> when you see it now, what comes back? >> we were all just really concentrating. our entire focus was on listening to the play-by-play. as you can see, the president is sitting right behind me. i remember turning and looking and it was just this. no emotion. >> what comes to mind first? is it a sensat
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patent infringements. apple won the last round in the u.s. when a jury ruled samsung owed them $1 billion for stealing ideas. samsung was back in court just today appealing the judgment. sometimes the business of making pretty things is ugly. how tough is your business? how surprised would we civilians be at how rough it gets? >> it's tough. it's very tough. you have people trying to hack into systems on a constant basis. you have people trying to enlist confidential information about future product plans. all of these things are things that we constantly fight. >> and then there's tim cook's larger challenge, the man who r rhapsodyizes about it. you have a grindingly simple and normal american life. when you and i as kids would go to a neighbor's house and see under their new tv sony trinitron, that would tell us something instantly. and you're smiling. and that brand lasted up until walkman, diskman. but then, fast-forward to today, it's less meaningful. how do you not become sony with all apologies to sony? >> we're very simple people at apple. we focus on making the world's best produ
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)